Lubrizol - Big Bear Safety & Security Management


2010 – ongoing, Big Bear was engaged to provide a turn key security solution for Lubrizol’s investment in Zhuhai Guangdong Province. Scope of services included providing the front end Assessments, Planning, Budgeting and standard operating procedures including disaster management plans, engineering, procurement and construction of perimeter fences, access controls, cctv, lighting and security temporary facilities, in addition to security management and rank and file professional security personnel.

Wildly successful all infrastructure was installed on time ensuring the clients and contractors property was protected, losses due to theft to date are less than RMB 20,000

Services Provided

  • Full Turnkey Solution – Management, Consulting, Guard Force, Access Controls, Surveillance Systems, Lighting, Fences and Temporary Facilities
  • Less than RMB 20,000 in reported theft
  • 4 separate fence designs engineered and installed
  • High Mast Lights and CCTV installations installed on site perimeter
  • More than 10,000 workers registered and badged
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