Stora Enso Guangxi - Big Bear Safety & Security Management


2015- present Stora Enso has been growing trees all over Guangxi Province since 2000. In 2015 Big Bear was initially engaged to manage and supervise the security of the US$1.5 billion construction of their consumer board manufacturing facility in Beihai. Big Bear provided procedures, budgets, contract formats and daily management and supervision of the site and indigenous guard force that protected the plant through successful completion, start up and operation. In addition Big Bear proprietary access controls were mated with hand geometry readers virtually stopping the misuse of badges and ensuring workers were inducted and safety trained prior to entry. In 2018 we are still managing site security and providing qualified fire fighting control room personnel.


Since 2015 Big Bear’s wholly owned, licensed branch of Zhenyuan has been providing guards and supervisors throughout Guangxi province to protect personnel, assets and product during harvest operations. Prior to our involvement the client was losing 20-50% of finished product from most if not all harvest sites. These losses have been completely stopped and incidence of violent conflict have been reduced to almost zero.

Services Provided

Mill Site Construction :

  • Professional Senior Security Manager
  • All construction site security processes and procedures
  • Professional Security Supervisors
  • Guard Force Contract Formats
  • Biometric Access Controls and Temporary Guard Posts
Mill Site Operation :

  • Professional Senior Security Manager
  • All Operational Security Procedures
  • Professional Security Supervisors
  • Professional Fire Fighting Control Room Operators
  • Access Control Maintenance
Forest Harvest Operations :

  • Professional Security Supervisors
  • All operational Security Processes
  • Rank and file Guard Forces
  • Technical countermeasures and suveillance
Other Projects