Big Bear Companies

Big Bear Safety & Security Management Paw

Big Bear Safety & Security Management is our primary vehicle for providing our Safety and Security consulting services and management and supervision personnel.

Established in Hong Kong in 2005 we registered our first PRC Big Bear entity in Shanghai in 2009.

All services are available via our Big Bear companies, however for clients that require a PRC security service license we are able to provide services via our security licensed wholly owned branches of
Zhenyuan Security Service Group.

Our Zhenyuan Branches also allow us to provide licensed manguarding services independent of Big Bear Management.


China Security / Hakalau Trading is our company for importing security equipment.


For more than a decade and a half we have provided best in class services to our clients. We have ensured the security of their personnel and facilities and protected their reputations all at a cost effective price point.


Since 2003 we have successfully protected more than US$20 billion in capital investments in China.


Over the course of its 15 year history, 6 mega construction projects and numerous smaller projects Big Bear has delivered unequalled results and return on investment for its clients, protecting their personnel, assets and reputation through strict application of international best practice standard procedures, execution, management and provision of professional personnel.

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Our People

Charles Scholz – Managing Director
  • US Military
    • Psyops and Intelligence
  • SGS China
    • Country Security and Audit Manager
  • Kroll
    • Chief Representative/ Director of Operations/ Case Manager
  • BSF/Bechtel
    • CSPC CNOOC/ Shell – Nanhai Project Security Manager
  • Bayer Cao Jing – MDI Project (Contracted via Big Bear)
    • Head of Security and Intellectual Property Protection
  • Dow Corning Zhang Jiagang – Asian 3rd Pillar Project (via Big Bear)
    • Project Security Manager
  • Big Bear – Multiple Projects, Lubrizol, BMW, Ikea, Chevron, Disney Shanghai, Stora Enso Guangxi
    • Managing Director

Focus & Philosophy

We are a specialist organization providing customized solutions to ensure that at

least with regard to the security of your personnel and investments you can rest
easy knowing that we have your back.


We only take on engagements where we believe we can add value and provide a return on investment.

Being foreign owned and managed means that we always comply with international standards for compliance in dealing with our clients and other organizations on their behalf.


We have managed security operations in China, for the past 25 years. We have been and are both client and provider. As such we appreciate the need for both value and expediency.


With every bid and quote that we provide we believe in being transparent with our clients.

Our quotes include both our costs and our margins.