Bayer Material Science (Covestro) - Big Bear Safety & Security Management


From 2006 – 2008 Bayer invested more than US$1.8 billion in the construction of an isocyanates and expansion of existing poly-carbonate manufacturing facility in Shanghai. Big Bear was engaged to provide project security management and all site access controls.

The Bayer Project was by all measures one of the most successful in terms of security. Risk Assessments, Plans and Procedures published and included in contractor bid packages within 6 weeks of engagement

Services Provided

  • 200+ Experienced Security Personnel mobilized within 3 weeks of contract award
  • Entire site perimeter completely electronic access controlled within 2 months of contract award
  • Access control included 5 separate access areas and 9 gates
  • More than 240 Contractors / Subcontractors Registered
  • 30,000+ workers and client personnel registered and badged
  • Less that US$10,000 reported theft/li>
  • Zero construction related fatalities
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