CNOOC / Shell Nanhai Petrochemicals - Big Bear Safety & Security Management


Big Bear traces its origin from the CNOOC/ Shell Invested Nanhai Project. The project was managed by Bechtel, Foster Wheeler and Sinopec Engineering (BSF). At the time the largest foreign investment in China and the largest chemical plant construction site on the planet. With a total investment of US$4.3 billion. At the peak of construction 25,000+ workers entered the gates daily. As many as 700 security personnel protected the site.


Project Milestones:

Services Provided

  • Over 110,000 workers and 1000+ expatriates registered and badged
  • More than 325 contractors and subcontractors registered
  • 25,000+ workers at peak construction
  • More than 700 security personnel at peak
  • 13 gates electronically access controlled; with a daily throughput of over 150,000
  • Less than $20K in total reported theft over 3 years
  • Construction injuries and deaths less than projected
  • More than 130 labor disputes arbitrated without incident
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