Chevron Chuan Dong Bei - Sichuan - Big Bear Safety & Security Management


In 2012 Big Bear was contracted to provide construction site security management, supervision access controls, cctv and infrastructure for the Chevron / Petrochina natural gas project in NE Sichuan a US$7 billion investment. After successfully securing 2 construction sites and numerous well pads and gathering stations we were tasked to provide qualified personnel to staff the emergency control center. In 2016 we mobilized 45 former soldiers to monitor the 32 kilometer pipeline winding through the rugged mountains of NE Sichuan.


Big Bear continues to provide qualified and dedicated personnel to Chevron / Petrochina ensuring safe operation and effective emergency response

Services Provided

2012 -2016 Construction Phase

  • Plans. Procedures for Construction Site Security
  • Procedural Training for Indigenous Guard Forces
  • Daily Supervision and Management of Indigenous Guard Force
  • Construction Site, and Gathering Station Access Controls and Surveillance Equipment and Maintenance
  • Engineered and Constructed Crash Proof Gates
  • Expedited Procurement of Miscellaneous Security Equipment, Body Worn Cameras and Remote Surveillance Equipment
  • Badging and Access Control Admin
  • Foot Patrol Labradors


  • Mobilized 45 Ex-PLA Soldiers to operate leak detection equipment and monitor 32 kilometers of natural gas pipeline passing areas that could affect 110,000 civilians


  • Added Quick Response Team Supervisors
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